National Trichology Services helping men and womens hair loss with practical solutions that work
National Trichology Services for male and female hair loss treatment National Trichology Services for male and female hair loss treatment

We treat men and womens hair loss problems of all ages.

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I just read the consultation report you returned to me and I have to say I was very impressed with your thoroughness and obvious professionalism.
So thank you! I would recommend your online consultations to anyone.
Mr. TS - Lawyer - Canberra ... more testimonials

Trichology services treating men and womens hair loss

Trichology services treating men and womens hair loss Trichology services treating men and womens hair loss

Trichology services treating men and womens hair loss

Hair Loss and Scalp Treatments

National Trichology Services was established on the promise to ‘make a difference’ in the specialised treatment of hair loss & scalp problems. We presently offer the only dedicated online consultation/treatment service for trichology.

What makes us ‘different’ (and successful) …

There are many reasons why a person will begin to experience hair loss. The cause may be an inherited condition, nutritional, hormonal, physiological, autoimmune, psychological, and environmental, the taking of certain medication, the actions of some third party, or a combination of these.

Some hair loss problems can be temporary and self-correcting, whilst others are corrected with nutritional/hormonal interventions. Conditions such as genetic thinning can be stabilised but not cured, whilst others cause permanent hair loss due to follicle destruction.

So it’s obvious the skill, training & expertise of the person you’re consulting is paramount in identifying the nature of your problem. Salespersons calling themselves “hair loss consultants” certainly don’t have this knowledge, and generally only offer one “treatment” program for all conditions. Would you ever consult a Doctor who suggested one remedy for all that might be happening to you?!


The skills of a qualified practitioner are ultimately only as good as the treatments they have to offer. Without question, our advanced ‘condition-targeted’ Minoxidil solutions set us apart in the successful treatment of hair loss for women & men.

With over 180 variations of Minoxidil, we can individualise formulations & strengths to suit your particular hair loss condition or skin sensitivity.

These are true solutions (not just ‘crushed tablet’ suspensions) - formulated in strengths up to 15%. They contain powerful absorption enhancers, and ‘androgen blockers’ to inhibit the action of DHT on the hair follicle. And because its actions are specifically targeted to the affected follicle, hair regrowth is more dramatic, appears in quicker time, and unwanted side effects are minimised.

‘Pulsing’ Minoxidil (i.e. altering the Minoxidil or penetration enhancer every few months) is the most effective way to use it. Pulsing continually stimulates follicle receptor sites in different ways – ensuring uninterrupted & optimal hair growth.

Minoxidil ‘pulsing’ is exclusive to National Trichology Services.

Beware of Internet or mail order treatments for hair loss. A mail order consumer has no way of knowing a product’s quality control standards, or whether or not they are getting what they paid for. These products are often excessively overpriced, with the consumer paying many times more than if the same or similar product was obtained through a trichologist or local compounding pharmacist. Many of these advertised ‘treatments’ have little or no scientific data or clinical trialling to prove their efficacy, & are rarely Australian TGA approved.

Be cautious of the following:

  • If the person you are consulting have no formal qualifications other than to parade themselves as ‘Hair Loss Consultants or Specialists’.
  • If the price they are asking is $$hundreds for Minoxidil or other product. There is a Minoxidil pricing schedule for the various formulations, & the cost should presently not exceed $150 per 100ml bottle.
  • If you are asked to pay for the entire treatment program ‘up-front’ or they insist on you purchasing a 12-month supply. Should you have an adverse reaction to treatment or see no results after some months, you have no bargaining power if the company already has its entire fee.
  • If the people you are consulting tell you they add ‘secret ingredients’ to their Minoxidil or other product to enhance its effectiveness. It is illegal for anyone other than a Registered Pharmacist or Doctor to alter a pharmaceutical medication.
  • Whilst topical Minoxidil is generally regarded as a safe medication, it may pose serious potential risk to a highly allergic or chemically-sensitive person. Whether or not these medications are appropriate for your hair loss problem should be assessed by a qualified health professional, & early use carefully monitored.
Trichology services treating men and womens hair loss


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