About Tony Pearce

About Tony Pearce WTSSpecialist Trichologist

Tony Pearce is a Specialist Trichologist* and the only practicing Trichologist in Australia from a background of formal health care training.

Tony works in close association with some of our leading health researchers**; affording him an in-depth understanding of health issues that lead to hair loss. Australia’s foremost Research Pharmacist provides advanced + effective treatments not commercially obtainable elsewhere.

Tony’s professional area of interest is female hair loss from nutritional-metabolic-hormonal or autoimmune disturbance. He was the first to identify two forms of androgenic alopecia in women – true genetically-inherited type, and ‘acquired’ androgenic alopecia from metabolic/hormonal compensatory mechanisms.

His current research that ‘pattern’ hair loss in some women may be due to a disordering of sex hormones + their carrier proteins from hyperinsulinaemia could help change current treatment stratagems.

Children + young adults presenting with Alopecia areata is also a large part of Tony’s practice. His research has indicated food allergies (Gluten + Dairy intolerance) as a persistent + overwhelming trigger (>90%) for Alopecia areata in young children.

Professional Training, Qualifications + Affiliations:

  • Registered Nurse Training (General + Psychiatry) – The St. George Hospital + Cumberland Hospital, Sydney NSW
  • Member – World Trichology Society (WTS)
  • Australasian College of Nutritional + Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)
  • Member – Vitamin D Council (USA)
  • Haircare Foundation Associate

Official Consulting Positions:

  • Emami Limited -  Kolkata, India (India’s largest hair cosmetic company)
  • Healthscope (formerly ARL) Laboratories, Melbourne – Trichology Lecturer + article contributor
  • Print + General Media hair loss ‘expert’ (such as Grazia, Cosmo + Prevention Magazines or ‘freelance’ journalists via Saunders + 360 PR)

Tony established his Trichology practice in 1999, and has clinics in Sydney and one in Melbourne. He also provides an informational website and online consultation service for people seeking accurate information, diagnosis and treatment – www.hairlossclinic.com.au. He is dedicated to having the hair loss industry regulated through a compulsory Trichology qualification standard and governing body.

**Tony works in close association with Autoimmune Thyroid researcher Dr. Philip Van Zanden (UNSW); Australia’s foremost research Pharmacist – Mr. Arthur Chan. He follows the researched work of Dr. John Lee (Qld), Dr. Peter Baratosy (South Australia), Dr. Jennie McKern (Victoria), Dr. Russell Cooper (Tasmania) + Dr. John Cannell MD – Director of the Vitamin D Council (USA). He also has a professional association with Dr. Johnathan Chan of the Australasian Hair Transplant Institute.

Tony Pearce has lectured in Europe (Sweden) + the USA to Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists + Cosmetologists on the clinical application of Low Level Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) for hair, scalp + skin problems.

His current LLLT treatment course is >TEN TIMES UNDER that being charged by commercial hair loss clinics ($300 vs. $3500-5000). Please see Tony’s website + Blog on the risks of treatment with unqualified laser operators – www.hairlossclinc.com.au

*A qualified Trichologist has studied & successfully completed an Academic Trichology Educational Program (through WTS or The Trichological Society, UK)


Tony Pearce – specialist trichologist and registered nurse.

Hello… I’m Tony Pearce….. Welcome to my Blog..!!

I come from an Australia of another time; born in the early 1950′s .raised in the 60′s – and for a time – ‘lost’ in the 70′s.

Australia seemed a much less complicated place then; not always ‘pretty’ in terms of its self-image or attitude toward anything ‘foreign’. As a child I still recall the palpable hatred (and fear) of the “Yellow Peril” – particularly toward the Japanese in my childhood suburb settled by returned servicemen/women – including my parents.

I still remember the media furore when the Federal Government – whoever it was at that time – canvassed the idea of ‘allowing’ Japanese-made motor vehicles to be imported into Australia..! “tinny Jap crap” they called those cars – no-one would ever drive or ride in them..!!

I recall the first Chinese restaurant to open in our Sydney suburb … you had to take your own saucepans which they would fill with ‘Chinese Soup’ or Chow Mein.!

In 1972 I went to Japan as a young sailor in the Royal Australian Navy. From my childhood indoctrination that all Japanese were cruel, brutal and fanatical – I ‘surprisingly’ found them to be a courteous, friendly and gentle people – with a good sense of humour who loved to laugh over a few ‘biru’ …!

Like the country of my birth – I have grown older; (hopefully) wiser – and an insight that the world – and people – is NOT black and white but innumerable shades between.

With that said – I am a ‘product’ of my time, period and life experiences. I am very intolerant to the verbiage of some present-day commentators; manipulative marketeers, PR companies and ‘vested interest’ media who – with their various University degrees; 20-30 years of “life experience” and grating political correctness- want to tell the rest of us how we should live; think, behave etc…

In my opinion political correctness does NOT convey what sometimes needs to be said ….

I hope you enjoy my writings.